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We are a full-service Certified Public Accounting firm dedicated to meeting the needs of today's busy professionals.  We offer a wide range of specialized services for our clients:


Write-Up - We can summarize and reconcile your cash receipts and disbursements from your checkbook and bank statments, excel spreadsheets, or from a wide variety of accounting software packages (Quickbooks, CBS, etc.) available on the market today.  

Financial Reporting We provide monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual financial statement reporting at all levels of attestation:  compilation, review, and audit.  Whether you needs are for internal management review or for third parties relying on your financial statements, MARSAN ASSOCIATES, PC can provide the level of service that you require. 

Our firm can assist you in establishing or revising your current information and reporting system to gather, review, and aid in the evaluation of accounting and financial data.

Business Planning Today's competitive environment demands forethought.  Most businesses fail due to lack of proper planning.  Our approach offers an objective evaluation of your company's current financial and marketplace position, assistance in determining your goals and objectives, and the development of a creative and insightful plan to achieve them.  Our focus is all-inclusive in that we review the potential effects of a decision both on the company and its owners.

We can assist the newly formed business or the well established company in writing efffective business plans (including preparation of projections and pro-forma financial statements) in order to establish goals, obtain financing or expand market share.


Tax Planning - In today's complex and ever changing tax climate, knowledge of the current tax law mixed with business savvy allows our firm to provide creative, but sound tax planning strategies for the individual , partnership, LLC/LLP, corporation, "S" Corporation, estate or trust. 

We have diverse experience in corporate valuations, buy/sell agreements, estate and divorce tax planning, bankruptcy/reorganization, merger/acquisition and multi-state tax planning.  In addition, we can assist in establishing executive compensation and retirement plans. 

Tax Preparation Services - We provide tax return preparation and electronic filing (EFILE) services for the individual, sole proprietor (Schedule "C"), corporation, "S" corporation, partnership, LLC/LLP, estate or trust.  Our firm utilizes the latest tax preparation software to ensure effective, quality compliance with state, local and federal tax authorities.  



Financial Planning - We provide personal financial planning for; education, retirement, or any special goal that you consider important.  We will assist you in identifying your goals and objectives, and will develop and implement a practical strategy to attain them.  Our team of professionals is available to handle your brokerage and insurance requirements should you need assistance in these areas through our affiliate Titan Financial Services, LLC.

Estate Planning - Our approach to estate planning is to focus upon and understand your wishes for the orderly transer of assets from present to future generations.  Keeping your wishes in mind, MARSAN ASSOCIATES, PC will design and implement an estate plan, which will maximize your wishes while minimizing your tax and probate costs.  We will work with your attorneys or you can choose firms that we have established relationships with.

Family Trust Services -   In those instances where individuals or family members require assistance in paying their bills or managing their affairs, our firm provides monthly bill paying services and reporting services, trust administration and complete fiduciary reporting services on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis to family members entrusted with this essential, yet sensitive task.


Consulting CFO Services -  We can provide your company with an experienced hand in the financial arena that you may require from time to time or on an ongoing basis.  We recognize the burden that handling the day to day financial operations may be to an entrepreneur and can assist you in managing those administrative and regulatory responsibilities. 

We can assist in the preparation of operational and capital budgeting, financing applications (SBA, EDA), bankruptcy/debt restructuring, insurance coverage (risk management), and lease vs. buy analysis.

Forensic Accounting Services - Succession planning, divorce settlements, buy/sell agreements, business lawsuits, insurance claims, etc. can be stressful and confusing.  You need answers to complex questions.  You need to know what your company is worth or the value of your claim.  Rely on our firm to assist you through these difficult processes and to perform a comprehensive analysis that can help you make informed decisions.